OC Trail Marathon and Half

OC Trail Marathon

OC Trail Marathon and Half

Race Details

Distance: 26.2 Miles and 13.1 Miles

Elevation Gain:
Location: O’Neil Park featuring Arroyo Trabuco and Tijeras Creek Trails
Date: 10/15/2016
Start Time: 7:00
Cut Off: 1:00pm

OC Trail Marathon Registration rates are as follows (Marathon/Half):
Now – September 1: $100/$80 Early Bird Registration
September 1 – Race Day: $120/$100 Standard Registration

OC Trail Marathon and Half Race Rules:

1. Have fun but make it run! If you do wish to walk, you will have to enter the half marathon, the course will close after 6 hours.
2. Watch your step. There are a variety of potential hazards on the trail including mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, mule deer, skunks, raccoons, opossums, and bunnies. There are also hazards on the vegetation side including cactus and poison oak. The biggest hazard will be the rocks and roots and rattlers. Keep your eye on the trail.
3. Except in case of medical emergency, runners may accept no aid nor assistance in any form from anyone between aid stations.
4. Runners must carry all of his own food, fluids, clothing, and other supplies needed for use between aid stations and should carry one water bottle.
5. Please pack out anything you bring in, leave the trails as clean as you found them.
6. One section of the trail has signs mentioning a former bombing range. The range was used by the old El Toro Marine Base, the munitions were charged with enough explosives to create a puff of smoke. The range has not been used 60 years and was surveyed in 2014 with no danger found.
7. Please check in at the aid station if you have or see any problems.
8. The trails are open so you will cross paths hikers, runners, mountain bikers and even possibly horses. For this reason we highly advise against wearing headphones because the bikes and horses won’t here you coming.

Refunds for personal reasons must be requested AT LEAST by September 15th. Refunds for personal reasons are ONLY made via PayPal minus a 10% processing fee. In the event the race is cancelled by OC Park’s decision or per the race director’s discretion, the following guidelines apply depending on the date of cancellation:

October 15 – Race Day, 2016 = 0$ refund
September 1st – October 14 = 50% refund
Now – September 1st, 2016 = 100% refund